Data products

The following data products are written by CARACal.

Diagnostic Plots

Diagnostic plots are located in the output/diagnostic_plots directory, where the cross and self calibration plots are separated into their respective subdirectory.

Calibration Tables

Calibration tables produced by the pipeline in the cross calibration process can be found in the output/caltables directory, while the self calibration products can be found in the output/continuum/selfcal_products directory.

Continuum Images

Continuum images are located in the output/continuum directory, labeled as image_N where N is the number in the self calibration process.

Spectral-line Cubes

Spectral-line cubes are located in the output/cubes directory, labeled as cube_N where N is the Nth cube produced from the clean + mask process.

Spectral-line Moment Images

Spectral-line moment images are located (when source finding is enabled) in the respective cube_N directory. For example, the moment maps of cube_3 are located in output/cubes/cube_3.

Mask Files

Mask files produced by the pipeline are located in the output/masking directory. Self-provided masks to be used by the pipeline also need to be located in this directory.

Log Files

A copy of the pipeline log is located in the output directory. All logs are located in the output/logs directory, with the timestamp YYYYMM-HHMM. A copy of the config file is located in the output/cfgFiles directory, with the same timestamp.


HTML Reports on the observation(s) and sources are located in the output/reports directory.